Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday! 

I don't know about you guys, but I've had a LONG week for some reason. Not bad, just long. I love these Friday Favorites post because they remind me to stay in the moment and find the good!

As always, I'm linking up with AndreaNarci and Erika for their Friday Favorites linky. Check them out!

(I should go ahead and add that this is a chihuahua heavy post. He was so cute this week, so I took a lot of pictures. Sorry not sorry!)

A few more photos from last weekend's speaking engagement.

I took P to the bank with me this day. He sits and waits for the tube to come through because he knows he will get a bone from the teller.

I should also add that I took him through the drive thru at the pharmacy and he did the same thing. But no bone. He was not pleased!

Monday mornings. Enough said. 

5 more minutes, please.

I thought this was funny. While a lot of nursing home patients carry around baby dolls, my mother sleeps with a 2' stuffed dolphin...

Waiting on me to cook dinner. #spoiled

Okay, so here's the really cheesy part. It was a rainy night and we played photoshoot. Just look how well these turned out!

Don't judge. I just don't have kiddos yet to photo.

I don't know if this is scary or funny. He loves getting his ears scratched before bed. 


Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

July Book Club!

As usual, I have some great reading suggestions for the month! Every single one of these were great. Don't forget I've created the Book Club page where all of my book suggestions are in one list - including the links!

I've never watched Duck Dynasty. I've heard it's a good show and the family is a great representation of Christ's love. We need more Christian shows! I saw Sadie on Dancing with the Stars, and that's what made me pick up her book. It's such a good, encouraging story on how to be the best you. She includes scripture readings and questions at the end of each chapter inviting you to dig deeper into your own story, how to live according the Fruits of the Spirit and how to live a life that best exemplifies Christ. It's a great read for all teens and young women.

This is a great read for younger teen girls. I read it just for some useful knowledge on young women's ministry, and Stasi explains being a girl in a way that even a guy could understand! She really encourages the reader to live a life reflecting the life and love of Jesus Christ. (Perhaps that was a theme this month?!)

A good, funny, light read. One of my goals this month was to read more "fun" books, and this was a good one!

Warning: this is not for the causal reader. It's long and deep, but absolutely beautiful. What a man Billy Graham was and is. Deeply moving.

This is the second book in Joel Rosenberg's series. (Refer to the Book Club page for a link to the first book, The Last Jihad.) I really enjoy his writings. Normally, geo-political thrillers do not even get a second thought, but I've been really impressed with these. Have any of you ever read Rosenberg? I'd like to know your thoughts. 

A positive, encouraging book on how to lead the life you've always wanted.

I'd love to hear some of your suggestions in the comments! 
I always get the best recommendations from my readers!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Today is What's Up Wednesday, so I'm linking up with ShaySheaffer and Mel to share what's been going on lately!

1. What I'm eating lately

I've been working hard on my fitness and healthy eating goals lately, so Subway has been my go-to. I get something different every time to keep from getting bored. 

2. What I'm reminiscing about

Lake Junaluska
Big surprise, huh?! I just love that place and these people who go with me!

3. What I'm wearing

Anytime I'm not in my dressy heels, I'm in my Converses! So comfy and always cute!

4. What I've been up to

I'm really trying to amp up my speaking engagements and notability as a Christian speaker. Last Saturday I spoke to the Minority Mental Health Forum in Hattiesburg about Alzheimer's and other dementias. I always enjoy sharing my story and encouraging families in similar situations. It's tough, but you aren't alone!

(If you ever have any questions regarding Alzheimer's disease or other dementias, feel free to email me at

5. What I am dreading

More hot weather! I am in and out of the car all day long, walking through parking lots and such doing marketing. It's hot and gross, and I'm ready for some cool weather! Who's with me?!

6. What I'm watching/reading

I am loving The Astronaut Wives Club! I bought the book and skimmed it, and I'm really looking forward to reading it. You know I professed my love for all things NASA in this post, so of course I'm loving this show!

I'm currently reading Unstoppable by Christine Caine. Love her and love this book so far!

7. What I'm listening to

I pretty much am always listening to KLOVE if I'm in my car. It's my way of staying "in the mind of Christ" and not be affected by the negativity of my surroundings. 

If I'm working out, I just put my phone on shuffle and get a random mix of great music. 
(Taylor Swift's 1989, anyone?!)

8. What I'm looking forward to


I lit a fall scented candle last night just because it made me happy! I love fall for so many reasons. I'm sure you'll see my love affair with fall develop over the next few months!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Waiting on God

God has the right to interrupt our lives. 

When we surrender to him we give him the right to interrupt our lives at anytime he wants. He can help himself whenever, wherever.

God also likes to take time to prepare our hearts for his assignments. I am a doer. When God gives me a direction, I’m ready to go. It drives me crazy to sit around and wait. But wait we must. God gives as much time necessary to prepare us, but also for the sakes of those he wants us to reach. He’s preparing their hearts simultaneously! What if I dove right in, and their heart was not ready to hear the Word? They could easily be offended. I could have thwarted God’s plan for them. He would still reach them, but not through me.

God wants to involve us in his plans. We need only be receptive to his call. God is doing the work already to prepare us for this call. When he speaks, he has a purpose. Think of all the many Patriarchs that had to wait. Abraham waited 25 years before God came through on his promise to make Abraham the father of many nations. God used those 25 years to prepare Abraham to be the father Isaac needed. And Moses walked 40 years in the desert before catching a glimpse of the Promised Land.

Friends, I know the wait is hard. Especially when it is something we desperately want. Hang in there. It’s been over a year since I felt his call to ministry. I’m only now applying for Seminary. I had to wait for the right time. His right time to be exact. And let me tell you, over the last year, God has sifted and beat me until all that is left is raw material. Now, he has something to work with! I continue to wait on him for my ministry. He is preparing my hearts and yours to be what he needs them to be. Be still and wait on the Lord. I promise you the wait will be infinitely worth it!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Just Me, JC - Earrings!

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

Today's Just Me, JC post is on something I NEVER leave home without - earrings!
I have way too many earrings and still buy more because I find new styles I just have to have. 
You gals know just what I'm talking about!

I'm highlighting a few of my favorites. I hope to do Just Me, JC posts on necklaces and bracelets too.
I love jewelry!

I found these cuties at Target!

Kendra Scott

I wear these A LOT. They go with everything!
New York & Co

The Southern Gypsy
(a cute little boutique in Purvis)

Eve Marie's
Another cute boutique in Hattiesburg
(I like one of a kinds...)

I got these in the checkout line at
Tuesday Morning!

Kendra Scott

An up close look at the earring holders

My new favorite studs from Nordstrom. 
BP Brand.
(Thanks Pinterest Told Me To for the find! Link in sidebar.)

Catherine Popesco

My 4' jewelry armoir

And a hanging jewelry organizer.

Like I said, I love earrings!

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite earrings too. Sound off in the comments!