Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

This has been a great holiday week! Only three days of work then family time and shopping. I hope your Thanksgiving week has been all you wanted it to be!
Peanut thought it would be cute to empty the dirty clothes basket in the bathroom. Look at that face! It's like he's daring me to fuss at him...
Again, another one of those faces! I bought him a Snuggie. Doesn't he look excited? This was about 10 minutes before he got all tangled up and fell down the stairs... #momfail
So cute
 I was interviewed by Hub City TV about the upcoming Lighthouse grand re-opening
Mom and I had an early Thanksgiving lunch at the nursing home
The Purvis High "Tornado" visited the Senior Olympics. Haven't seen this thing in 13 years!
All dressed up for the Junior Auxiliary Charity ball
Me and the gals
And again at the actual ball
The little buddy warming in front of the fire
Mary and I set up our Angel Tree at the local grocery store for our residents to be "adopted" by our community
Dad cooking Thanksgiving lunch...I have no words...

My brother and I visiting Mom at the nursing home for Thanksgiving.
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I'm so thankful for each of you and your support of my little blog. Enjoy your holiday!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Wreathes

One of the first decorations you see at Christmastime is Wreathes. It's the symbol of Christmas at home. You see them on front doors, backdoors, windows and a bazillion other places!

"But the prettiest sight you'll see is the holly that will be...on your own front door."
(I'll Be Home for Christmas)
(We all know I can think of  a song for every topic in the world!)

My poor wreath has been smushed between the glass storm door and the front door for so long it's looking pretty sad. So...I turned to Pinterest of course to get inspired for new wreath ideas.
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A traditional/fun twist on the basic wreath

I really like the simplistic glam

This ribbon style wreath has been super popular the past few years, but it's a little too whimsical for my taste

Very creative!

An option for a wreath substitute

I kinda like this rustic simplicity...

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Stop Waiting for Happiness

Happy Monday, my friends! It's a new week with new opportunities to shine and be a blessing to someone. Can you believe there are only 5 MORE WEEKS TILL CHRISTMAS?! This year is just flying by. I hope we can all slow down enough to enjoy this holiday season that's upon us! 
If you ask anyone what his or her number one goal in life is, the answer is almost always - happiness. Whether that happiness is found in family, church, work, or a special hobby, we all want the same thing. Today's Motivational Monday is all about not waiting for happiness to find you. It will not fall out of the sky. You will not just wake up happy every day. You have to choose happiness. I'm sure you've all heard "Money can't buy you happiness." My dad always likes to add, "But it will buy you a Cadillac so you can drive around looking for it." Whatever your take on happiness, let's make a pact to pursue happiness together.

A happiness challenge. You may have heard of or even read Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. I am going to make my own Just Me, JC twist of a happiness Challenge. That's right! A challenge! I double-dog dare you to challenge yourself with a happiness goal. With the holiday season upon us, we may think this is the "most wonderful time of the year" and that happiness naturally occurs around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unfortunately, many of our friends and family get depressed and withdrawn around the holidays. Let's gather some excess happiness from our challenge to share with others. 
  1. Step One - Forget what you think you know about happiness. Nothing external will make us happy. It's all on the inside, folks!
  2. Step Two - Write it down! We all know I'm deathly afraid of dementia and am a strong advocate of journaling. I want to remember my life - good or bad. But we are going to just focus on the good. Write down one meaningful thing that has happened to you today. Is it a huge Godstop where you see evidence of God's love and provision? Or is it the simple fact of having a good hair day? Write it down.
  3. Step Three - Do one thing a day for someone else. Simple enough. Use your imagination. How can you bless someone today? When you think of it as blessing someone else, not a chore or something you just have to do, it will greatly increase your willingness and happiness.
  4. Step Four - Choose to do one thing a day that makes you happy. Is it reading? Or exercise? Maybe it's a craft or just loving on your pup! (Pets are an infinite source of happiness! See my past post on Peanut!)
  5. Step Five - Rinse and repeat. Or just repeat. You don't need a 31 day plan of happiness, let alone a year-long project. Just choose to look for the good in each day!

What comes to mind when you think about happiness? Do it! Let me know who's accepting the happiness challenge in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!

 *P.S. If this little face doesn't make you happy, I just don't know what will!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

This post should not only be called "Friday Favorites" but more along the lines of "iPhone Dump"!
I have a hot random mess of... randomness for you today.  I haven't posted a Friday Favorites in awhile, so I have a lot to show you today. I hope you enjoy these photos from the last few weeks.
This was Peanut's first Halloween with me. You can see how enthusiastic he is to be in costume. He was the cutest little cow! I called him "Peanut Udder". Grin.
How stinkin cute!
Peanut was a hit at the church's Trunk or Treat! He sat in the "kissing booth" I made for him and gave a big kiss to all who wanted a little lovin. Note - He got the best bath of his life that night...all those hands and kisses...not getting in my bed!
Getting kisses!
After Halloween and Trunk or Treat came Fall Fest at a local family's farm. I had fun loving on that pretty girl above. I have never spent any time around horses - shocker, I know! I think the last time I rode a horse I was 9. This little lady's name is Red.
A few members of the children's choir sang at the Fall Fest
My friends Nichole and Amber and I warming up by the bonfire
I have so enjoyed working with the ministry of The Lighthouse Rescue Mission.  We house mothers and children who are homeless, abused, you name it. They get a home, food and stability and so much more! I help out with community education and media relations and absolutely love it. If you don't know about The Lighthouse and it's ministry to South Mississippi, call me!
Some of the teens that lived at The Lighthouse
I spoke to this fun group about The Lighthouse. Love the Life Line campus ministry at USM!
Johnson Controls had their own mini Alzheimer's Walk, and I'm not afraid to get down and dirty in a dress and heels and put up pole banners!
Pictures from our sweet little Veteran's Day party at Lamar
My friend and fellow musician, Howell Purvis
And of course, a little Peanut love
I love that little face!
Enjoying a cool fall morning
We have a lot of fun in children's choir!
Here's to the weekend!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

November Pin-Spired

I'm a little late on my November Pin-Spired post, but better late than never. This month's Pin-Spired look could also be a Just Me, JC post. It's all about plaid! My family is quite proud of our namesake tartan - we are clans people after all - as in Scottish clan Munro. See tartan below...
Monroe/Munro tartan

It's a good thing we all look good in bright jewel tones...

Some people shy away from plaid (and colors), but I love the look on most all figures. Let's turn to Pinterest to find new ways to incorporate plaid into our looks.
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I love the mix of denim and diamonds
Great pattern mixing
I have this scarf!
And this one!...
And these leggings!...
Like I said, maybe I should make a Just Me, JC post on plaid???
Let me know how you incorporate plaid into your wardrobe in the comments!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's Just Me, JC post on one of my favorite accessories...scarves!