Tuesday, April 7, 2015

March Book Club!

Sorry I am just now getting around to posting March's Book Club. Life has been soooo crazy lately that I had to take those two weeks off from the blog in March to take care of things.

When I first started this book, I was not impressed. If you want to study the Bible for yourself and truly experience it as you read, I would strongly suggest one of Kay Arthur's Precept Studies. However, as the book passed the basics of Bible study, I started making notes and highlighting sections for future reference. I'm glad I persevered because as a speaker, I got a lot out of it.

I didn't know who Amy Purdy was until Dancing with the Stars last year. I really liked her attitude and overcomer spirit, so I downloaded her book. It was great, y'all! I read this while walking on the treadmill, and I was sad when it was over. This gal has gone through some serious adversity and is now an amazing example of undefeat.

Yay! I had been looking to read this book for quite some time, and it was everything I hoped it would be - a sassy take on an overworked Christian lady. We all know I like to be busy, TOO busy. So, reading this book taught me about how to say no, even to things I want to say yes. All of you ladies need to get your hands on this one.

I saw this recommendation on Goodreads, and a few other bloggers have mentioned it. It was a light read with a great storyline. One to just sit back and mindlessly enjoy.

This was easily the most difficult read of the month. For someone preparing to study graduate theology in the fall, I'm very hungry for these earlier writings with deeper truth and genuine knowledge of Scripture. Although it is a relatively short book, you have to read it slowly to truly absorb what you are reading. Loved it!

Do you have any recommendations for me to add to my "to read" list?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Floral Fashion!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Floral Shoes, so this week I want to focus on floral fashion and accessories! It's easy to get off track with florals and shift towards an Easter dress look. Be sure to balance your floral out with solids and basics. 

Here are some of my favorites from the Pinterest world:

A little floral mood board I created. 

What about you? Are you into the floral look for spring?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites - Easter Edition!

We all know I love cold weather, but there is still something irresistible about these earliest days of Spring. With Easter being this Sunday, I wanted this weeks Friday Favorites to be a throwback of Easter Sundays past! You'll have to excuse the photos - it was the early 80s afterall!

My first Easter, Mom and me - two weeks shy of my first birthday

Mom is sporting the same dress and hairdo two years later!

Granny Monroe and me
1988 B.T. (B.T.= Before Thomas - the last, beautiful year of being an only child and only grandchild on one side of the family!)

Easter 1990 A.T.
(Thomas came along in 1989)

Thomas and me
I felt like I should include at least one picture of the little guy...!

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend!
But remember...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just Me, JC - Makeup!

I have loved wearing Makeup for a long time. Probably from growing up on a stage and getting to play with makeup super early in life!

Terrible photo, but this is Mom getting me ready for one of many dance recitals!

My makeup is no longer blue eyeshadow and bright pink blush (hello, 80s!) with hot pink lips. I've refined it a little bit to where I have my daily work "do" and a natural look as well. I am whiter than snow, so I have to wear makeup pretty regularly to keep from looking like Casper the Friendly Ghost floating around with those big blue bulb eyes...! Thanks to good genes and the perfect (for me) skin care routine, makeup is not aging me. Yet.

Below are my most used/loved products. I don't wear them all every day, but you can count on a handful of them for sure.

After I moisturize and prime, I start with the necessity - liquid foundation. I've hinted that in addition to freckles and the occasional breakouts, I have scars on my face from when I was run over by a car. (Nothing breaks your fall like your face!...Not.) So liquid foundation for me is a must.

I've tried dozens, but Bare Minerals Bareskin gives me the right amount of coverage while feeling light and not looking orangey like most liquids. 

Before I even go any further, I must tell you good, quality makeup brushes are a must! Cheapos absorb or distort product and apply it unevenly. I'm not a makeup snob by any means. I don't buy $199 brushes. These from Aloette are IDENTICAL to Bobbi Brown for half the price. I mean it. Get them.

After my liquid foundation, I use my Bare Minerals original powder. No visible pores, great coverage, no chalky look. This is my favorite of all powders.

For those mornings with extra dark circles, or fresh blemishes that need to be covered, or for whatever - I use Aloette's Look Alive every day. The special brush for this concealer is included in the Aloette brush set!

A flat head brush is imperative for good foundation coverage. I love this one by Aloette. 

The Aloette Ultra Finish Foundation is another of my favs. If I don't have time for my 3 step Bare Minerals set, this is my go to. I've actually been using this since 2005. It's the perfect concealer, foundation and powder in one. It's not like the cream to powder foundations. It's all powder and works miracles. Nothing else I've tried has ever measured up.

No, this is not mold. I use this Bare Minerals Green Correcting Powder after putting on my foundation. This goes on all blemishes and discolored spots and blends right in. You see no trace of those "imperfections". Why are they called that? Aren't our imperfections what make us perfect in God's eyes?

I follow my Green Correcter with Benefit's Erase Paste. Best concealer out there. Using a concealer brush, I dab this on top of the green powder that still shows, and it completely disappears.
Next up is contouring. Obviously this Contour Kit above is not the one I wear. Clearly not my color palate, but what I want you to see is Anastasia Beverly Hills has the best Contour Kits for any skin tone and look you are going for.

Nars "Gaiety"

Nars "Orgasm"
Besides the cheeky names and the seemingly too much pigment, these are actually the two best blushes for my skin tone. One gives a "daytime look" and the other an "evening look". Good quality pigments that work well with any skin type. Many other colors available!

My favorite highlighter! Mac "Lightscapade". After applying my bronzer to my contour areas and blush to my apples, I carefully blend them both with this highlighter for a more natural coverage. No cheap glitter look. Just a pleasant shimmer. I also use this again at the end to emphasize certain areas that need a little pick me up. 
I rotate between Mac and Bobbi Brown eye shadow palates. I can play around with coverage and color and come up with something new every single day. Quality is definitely more important than price point on your eyes. You get that crackle-y - saggy skin look with the cheapies. 

I actually use two mascaras everyday, one coat each. I love Clinique's High Impact mascara on bottom because it separates each lash perfectly to give it a great base and volume. Mascara is probably the one area where most people prefer to use a higher quality because it makes so many eyes water or itch or turn red. I don't really have a problem with mascara, but choose what works best for you!

My second coat is done with Maybelline's "The Falsies". Excellent length on top of excellent volume. What more can a girl ask?!

Now, for lips, pretty much all lipsticks will work fine for me. I do prefer Mac, Bobbi Brown, Revlon and Rimmel London.

Mac "Snob"
Looks more lilac on than in this picture...

The perfect red...Mac "Ruby Woo"

Mac "Candy Yum-Yum"

Mac "Blankety"

Mac "St. Germain"

Rimmel "Rosetto"

All of the above can be found at Aloette, Nordstrom, Sephora or Target.

Just another thought...

Eyebrows are still hard for me because i can never find a color that matches my nearly white eyebrows. But, it's something I definitely need!

What are your thoughts on makeup? Do you have any favorites?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Pinspired - Tulle Edition!

I'm kinda sad that two of my favorite bloggers, "Pinterest Told Me To and Mix and Match Mama", are changing up their Pinspired series, so we won't be linking for the time being.Check them out anyway because they really are super girls. (Links in sidebar.)

I'm going to continue to post my personal Pinsired on the first of the month as normal, so let's get started. And what am I totally loving this month?...


This photo and the last photo are my two favorites! Simple and chic!

Very Gatsby-esque

Kinda a grunge ballerina look...not my fav, but I wanted to include another way to take the uber femine tulle down a notch.

We all know I'm anti-country for the most part, but I love this look! The denim and cowboy boots just really pull this sweet look together.

What do you think of the tulle inspired look? Sound off in the comments!